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Connecting Faith Based Leaders in Northeast Florida

Avoid being siloed and isolated. It shouldn’t be so hard to infuse faith in the marketplace - we’re here to help.

The purpose of the Christian Chamber is to glorify God by engaging, equipping, and encouraging the Christian community in Northeast Florida.

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January 25th, 2024- Conviction to Lead with Dr. Albert Mohler

Join us on January 25th with Guest Speaker Dr. Albert Mohler. Dr. Mohler will be speaking on leadership based on the values and convictions that we share as Christians. Don’t miss this learning and networking event as you consider Christian leadership in the twenty-first century. What does it mean to lead with conviction? What are common challenges that Christian leaders face regardless of the context? What does leadership faithfulness look like? What leadership models and lessons can I find to help guide me from history and today?

Join the Christian Chamber and be part of a community committed to glorifying God and empowering Christian leaders in Northeast Florida.

The Christian Chamber aims to engage, equip, and encourage the Christian community in Northeast Florida through networking, sharing biblical principles, and inspiring greater faithfulness. They serve marketplace, non-profit, and ministry leaders and invite others to join their community committed to glorifying God and empowering Christian leaders in the region.
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